Loving Lace

I was looking through pictures of Queen Elizabeth I and….. WOW… Check out that lace!Queen Elizabeth

What is the history of lace? Queen Elizabeth INo one knows the exact time lace work began.  Some say it was the middle ages, but during the 16th century lace work began to boom. As the desire for lace increased, the ways to make it also evolved. There is bobbin lace, needle lace, crochet lace, knitted lace, and many more.

This is interesting…….. Lace was worn by everyone, even men. It was bought, sold, traded and even smuggled.

16th century partyLet’s make some 21st century lace!

I have just begun and my knitted lace won’t be as ‘big’ as 16th century lace, but hopefully it will turn out just as beautiful.  Lace   lace

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