Why am I here?

I had an old blog…..It failed and I was burnt out, tired of writing things that no one would read. Frustrated!

After taking the time off, living life to the fullest and enjoying each and every faire I went to, I decided it was time to Try Again. So I started to Research. What made a successful blog? Would my idea be a successful one? Would people like to read what I wanted to put out to the public? According to all that research I figured out that everything in my last blog was not quite right. Everything costs, whether it be money or time. Be specific, people will not read something that is haphazard or random in topic. A lot of the blogs said don’t get a free webpage, but when your starting (and dead broke) how do you pay for a blog? All of these facts were slightly Disheartening.

My brain has been going one hundred miles a min. Should I even attempt this again? As I thought more and more about it, topics kept creeping into my mind. The Inspiration that kept bombarding my mind and the Hope that maybe with preservation and the help of You the Reader this blog may succeed.

Therefore My Goal is not to make money (although that would be nice) but to make Friends and to inform those friends where our booth will be so that they may join us in our endeavors and be updated.

Stories will be told and I want you to Be Involved. Comment and ask questions!!! I can’t wait to hear from you.

This blog is for the Friends I have not met yet, it’s for the people who want us to Succeed, and for the people who want to Support us by donating here, going to a Ren Faire, or by working beside us.

Let us be an inspiration for you!

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