About John and I

Hi! Sarah here! 10 years ago I went to my first Renaissance Faire and I said to myself out loud, in front of God and everybody, that I want to be apart of this faire. The Canterbury Renaissance Fair will always be near and dear to my heart and I have been and will be apart of that faire as long as I am welcome to have a booth there. I became apart of this Rennie family and it feels like home. This will be my 9th year having Faire Maidens Trinkets and I love it.

John has been working different Renaissance Faires for about 20 years now. He felt accepted. At the Ren Faire he fit in. After a few years off, he went back cuz he started dating Me. He became an avid volunteer for sight safety. Because if this service in 2016 he was knighted as Lord John of Canterbury. Huzzah!

On Easter Sunday in 2017, he popped the question that made me Lady Sarah of Canterbury. Only at the Canterbury Renaissance Faire do we hold these prestigious titles. Our wedding was a grand affair and was Renaissance themed. John even had leather armor.

Last year we acquired a new addition to our life at faire: The Coin Pouch (Two Geminis Mint) and added three more faires to last year.

Hope to see you there!!!

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  1. lrk13 says:

    A grand affair it was indeed! What a gorgeous wedding…..Beautiful bride & her knight in shining armor. Such a great day!!

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