My Knight in Dinged-Up Armor

Many young women have dreamed “I want a knight in bright shining armor to come rescue me.” And others say that a girl needs to fend for herself and be her own knight.

What I always wanted is a Knight in dented, worn, & Dinged up Armor. Why you may ask? First of all a Knight in Shining armor has never been to war, he has never fought for the things he loves, nor has he been tried in combat. Secondly one should not be their own knight, for one always needs a friend to rely on. It is acceptable to fight your own battles but when there are numbers who band together then the battle will be won sooner.

Luckily I have found my Knight in Dinged up armor who will not only fight beside me, but had fought battles that I will never know just to get to where we are today.

I am so grateful for my Knight in Dinged up Armor, my protector, true love & confidant.

Happy 2nd Anniversary John Ward!

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  1. Angel cameron says:

    Love this! Love you guys sooooo much!

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