Get Real

Numbers crunched? Check(I know how much we need to make to survive this year)

Event list made? Check (Yay for doubling it! We will be posting soon)
Applications sent in? Not yet. Still saving the money…..(Worry sets in)

Can we save enough to get us started? All I need is enough for the first three or four events…… Yes! We can do it!!!

Hope springs up in me and I start to write. Trying my best to tell stories that inspire people to join in and come to Faire. Maybe donate or buy from my dream….

My alarm sounds. Lunch break is over and a sigh escapes my lips. Back to work but it’s rough bringing back my brain to a mundane job. Here I feel like Garcia from Criminal Minds. I want to decorate my workspace but I can’t because it’s not in compliance. It’s different than faire where I can be myself and my workspace is a creative one.

In my head I crunch the numbers again. Can we live on just the Coin Mint income and selling my games? Can I just quit?

No!… Not yet….

Maybe someday but not yet. I put my dreams back in my pocket to be taken out, sorted through and admired again at a later date.

Deep Breath. Faire season will be upon us once again. We will be surrounded by people who understand the call of Faire and my workspace will be my own. No more boring dress codes and uniformly boring desks but outdoors and happy sounds of music and swords clashing, children laughing and merchants hawking there wears. Where life is good and the job is hard but also fun…. And my own.

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