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Lady Sarah of Canterbury:IMG_20140727_160912_887

While her father takes care of trading, Mistress Sarah, first daughter of the Captain, is in charge of the Shoppe. During the long winters she has become an expert knitter and she sells her creations at Faires. The booths namesake, Faire Maiden’s Trinkets, is in honor of her father’s first ship. Recently she has been wed to Lord John of Canterbury for which she received the title of Lady.

Real Life ~ Sarah teaches knitting and crocheting classes at her local coffee shop & works at the bank. Yes, she is addicted to crafts.  She also loves getting mail, so if you have a question with knitting or crocheting or faire  send her a message right now!


wp-image-99648522jpg.jpgLord John of Canterbury:

aka Lord of the Maidens; aka the Spy; aka the Mute…..

Jack of all trades Lord John has earned many tittles over his career and has traveled far and wide. He has gone on many adventures but decided to return home and grace his lands with his stories. As Lord John approached his lands he heard the sounds of wondrous merriment, that of a grand faire. This is where he met Mistress Sarah and has set his heart upon the quest of winning her hand. Finally he proved his worthiness and has taken Mistress Sarah as his bride.

Real Life ~ John really is a jack of all trades. He and Sarah own The Coin Pouch and take it to various fairs. In his down time he creates wonderful lamps out of old bottles and fascinating custom clocks and signs with wood welding. Contact us if your interested in your own custom piece.


Found in the early Spring street market, Twiggy the Great (aka The Fairly Odd Father) was painting all the merchants perfect likeness with vibrant colors. Setting his eye on us he attached himself to our merry band and would not let go.

Be ye warned that when the Fairly Odd Father grants your wish, it may be a bit backward. One hopeful waif made a wish for a pot of gold, & he was handed a immaculate pot of marigolds. A young maiden once wished for a stockpile of silver, & instantly she received a healthy head of shining silver hair.

Real life Meeco enjoys the friends he has made with Faire. He is a Jack of all trades, master of none. He is super artistic! Meeco has been a great help with repairing the booth, setting up and tearing down, & believing in Faire magic. 

Ellie aka Mistress Eleonore:

A more recent addition to our household is Mistress Eleonore whose husband is in the Navy and therefore did not wish to spend the long days alone. Consequently, she came to live with Goodwife Joan, being that they are related by their husbands. She is a kind girl, not used to the life in the city, but as of yet she has adjusted well. Our merry crew absolutely adores her, for not only is she good & pleasant company, but she helps us out at the booth as well.

Real Life:

In real life Ellie is studying for her nursing degree and works at a library. She is interested in the life, dress, and daily living in history which makes the Renaissance Faire the perfect outlet. When she has time she volunteers with her church and loves to hike and make exotic dishes from various countries.

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Goodwife Joan:

A lady after my own heart is Goodwife Joan. She came to help out our household whilst the men are away at sea. She has become a crucial part of our family. Her husband started out as a sailor and worked his way up through my father’s company and now owns his own ship that takes wool to far off lands in trade for fine cloth and other goods.

Happily I am now married, and Goodwife Joan joyfully decided to stay by my side and work with me at our market stall whilst her husband is away. I really could not toil so intensely without her vital energy.

(Goodwife Joan is in blue)

Real life~

Joan loves to sew costumes and play dress up which makes her perfect for the renaissance faire. In her spare time she likes to knit and read. Sarah and Joan met when Sarah needed help with her booth. Joan has turned out to be an invaluable team member.

Come meet this grand Lady at Canterbury Renaissance Faire!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Donna says:

    I am in Hannah’s exercise class at the pool and she mentioned your many talents, one of which is wood-burning. I am looking for someone to wood-burn the name of my son’s band on a wood cookie. Would you, could you, can you do that, and what do you charge? The name of the band is “Deadwood Standing.” The sign would need to be 12″ or maybe a bit larger in diameter, and look a bit rustic, with maybe a scraggly looking tree in the background.


    1. fairemaiden says:

      Hi Donna,
      I would love to create a “Deadwood Standing” sign for your sons band.
      Please e-mail me at and we will discuss details.

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