Fluffy Blankets

Once upon a time I received a package from a land far far away…… It contained the most amazingly soft and squishy yarn that I squealed with delight. What can you do with such amazing yarn you ask? Why! Arm Knit with it of course! And that’s what Hina and I did!

Class Time!

The time has come to get out those knitting needles and crochet hooks! To start creating those unique gifts that are made from the heart and the best way to do that is to start a class and learn something New! I am re-opening my classes and I would love if you would join me! …

The “King’s Board”

Winter is coming and i know how some people get when they have to stay inside, so here is a game to entertain yourself with. Hneftafl, meaning “King’s Game or Board”, is a Viking game that was played during the long Norse winters. The “King” is in the middle and the pieces surrounding him are his defenders….

Lord John of Canterbury

We had a blast this year at Canterbury Renaissance faire, but the highlight of the weekends was that John, Lord of the Maidens, was knighted by Her Magesty Queen Elizabeth as Lord John of Canterbury.  In secret the Queen and I planned this grand affair and when the time came Her Magesty sent her guards…