HAPPY Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays…. Well, I say that about all the holidays but this one is extremely special to me because I get to enjoy time with my family, eat a lot of yummy food, and feel grateful for what God has given me in my life. Here is my top 10!…

Oregon State Fair

When: August 23rd-Sepmber 2nd Where: Salem Oregon oregonstatefair.org

Our Phones Died

A slow cruel death became our phone so that we have all but 1 picture of Canterbury Rennaissance Faire. We wanna see your Faire Pictures so post your faves!!!

Goodwife Joan

A lady after my own heart is Goodwife Joan. She came to help out our household whilst the men are away at sea. She has become a crucial part of our family. Her husband started out as a sailor and worked his way up through my father’s company and now owns his own ship that…

Help Wanted

Want to join our merry band? Details inside…

Happy Fathers Day!

I am blessed to have some amazing men in my life, some are father’s and others are not. These men work so hard and I am proud to call them family.