A Bit of History from Salem Oregon

Twas a beautiful day. Lord John and I went for a walk around our faire capital of Salem Oregon and we found a couple of very neat statues. The base of one the name Rev. Jason Lee was carved in the stone. A few days later we found a grave with the same name and…

A Valentine for You

Instead of a regular card make your Valentines Day a bit more special by giving this romantic heart dishcloth. Nothing says “I love you” like doing the dishes. Check out our etsy page at etsy.com/shop/fairemaidenstrinkets

Supper Time

These lacy placemats are a handmade gift for newlyweds. I’m sure this couple will have many long conversations together and fun dinner parties with friends. ~~~Congratulations Diana and Sergio~~~  

My Little Snowman

With all that snow we had last week I decided to make a snowman. Frosty is only 4 inches tall but he’s got a heart full of love and is now enjoying a wonderful life in the home of my cousin.