A Hero

“True Knights only show their strength in combat.” The instructor paced up and down the ranks as he taught the young hopefuls. “Not all of you will make the cut. Only the fearless will survive. You have been trained by the best, it is now time for the final test.” A trumpet sounded but this…

Medieval Times

Last month my family and I had the great honor of visiting Medieval Times. We had a blast rooting for our knight, Sir Black and White. The food was amazing and the show was spectacular. Here are some pictures of the fun we had.

Canterbury Renaissance Faire

Good Morrow faire friends! The Canterbury Renaissance Faire is but one mere month away and we hold high hopes my Lords and Ladies would join in the merry fest.  Fearless Knights will be in attendance and are preparing to win the Queen’s heart with a joust of mighty skill. Those who wish to attend must…

Hail and well met!

Good Morrow, dear friends. Prithee tell me, will thou be attending this weekends Renaissance Faire? Alas we have but one more weekend left of the festivities and I hope thou wilt say yea. Perchance I will see you there. Fare thee well, I must away!

Renaissance Faire 14th & 15th

Had a Blast at the Renaissance Faire this weekend and it’s not ever yet! We got to see the Knights Joust and a Farie riding a pony. How often do you get to see that? Glad we have one more weekend left (21st & 22nd). See you there!!!