Would you like to Immerse yourself in Faire fun?

Now is your chance to get in on this Adventure!!! We have one more opening for help at the Renaissance (and other) Faires. There are a few rules and regulations (more like guidelines) but we will go over those when we have coffee. As for right now! Send me an email at fairenaiden13@yahoo.com and we…

Work Hard, Play Hard

It’s Amazing astonishing how much work is put into setting up a booth, but it is always so much more fun doing it with the our cheerful crew. We work hard & play hard! Here are some fun after hours pics of this year. Enjoy!

When we thought the season was done

Its not…. We got invited to two more events this year. First one is the Spokane Renaissance Faire, October 5th-6th and then we go to the Goblin Market, October 12th-14th. Hope to see you there!

Questions for US ~ We would love to hear from you

We welcome questions about life at faire. Faire life can be fun but it’s a lot of hard work. Sometimes people come over to our booth and ask questions about the “after party” or the behind the scenes of faire. I’ve heard them comment on how we probably drink and party all night. Honestly most…

Oregon Renaissance Festival

Hear ye! Hear ye! Today the festivities start at the Oregon Renaissance Festival in Hillsboro. Check out Oregonrenfest.com for more information and directions.

Hear Ye Hear Ye!!!!

Forgive me my Lords, Ladies, Lads and Lasses. I hope that my summons finds ye in good standing and ye be in good health. I beckon thee Lords, Ladies, Lads and Lasses to come to the Canterbury Renaissance faire, for in just over two fortnights the festivals shall begin.  Forthwith the clanging of swords, the…


Hear ye! Hear ye! Faire Maiden’s Trinkets is looking for Crafters, Artists, Creators, and Volunteers to help with this season of Renaissance Faires. What is your crafty talent? We need people who would like to help create one of a kind projects to display and sell at Faire. Can you rock a Renaissance costume? We…