The Coin Pouch

At the Coin Pouch we make Coins and Medallions out of Bronze, Silver, and Gold Vermeil with an image that you get to choose from a catalogue of over 200 images.

John and I acquired The Coin Pouch almost a year ago from the previous owners when they happily retired. After a crash course of lessons and information, everything fell into place as we began the adventure of a lifetime.

Our medieval like hulking machine has a heavy, large, manual weight that we crank. The hammer lifts high up into the air. The sheer weight of the block falls hard & mints an image onto the medallion or coin.

Last year involved a whirlwind of 4 fairs but this year we are more prepared and hope to double what we did last year. I feel that this year we have a better understanding and will have even more fun!


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