1st timers – booth/vender setup

It’s almost time for events to start and we must be prepared for any and all situations at faire. Once an application is accepted at the faire, you will want to begin preparation. Read though the guidelines because each event has different regulations. Not only do you need to remember your fantastic products but you will need a booth to put things in and a couple of other necessities.

Start with your pop tent or canvas tent. If it is a pop tent, remember to bring some material (i.e. cloth or flowers) to cover the metal. Secondly you need tables and table covers. Most faires don’t want anything modern showing so make sure the table cloths are long. I like using sheet from the thrift store. A good idea is to lay out your design in the back yard to see how it feels, but remember when you get to faire it may not work out exactly the same. The ground is never perfect, so bring some extra random boards to put under table legs so they don’t wobble. Next set up any displays and all your products, fairgoers like seeing wares from the pathways to draw them into the booth. Having products rise toward the back makes this easy or handing products from the back wall. Be flexible & figure out for yourself what works & what doesn’t.

Ask for help, because we’re all in this together. Take a deep breath, go with the flow, & enjoy immersing yourself into faire life.

Don’t forget the little necessities like a fire hydrant, cash box, snacks, water, Gatorade, dill pickles (for dehydration), and first aid kit. Dress in layers, as our weather is ever-changing, & mornings are chilly & afternoons can get toasty. Trust me, this will make your life at faire 100% easier.

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