After Hours – the eerie moments between events when no one is there

I walk through empty streets that once bustled with life and energy, the eeriness overwhelmed me and I stopped walking. It was not altogether silent. I could hear the sounds of birds in the trees and the walls of tents flapping with the light breeze that brushed my skin. Faintly I heard the sounds of people but it was not distinctive.

This is the twilight zone. (insert creepy music)……

Well not really. This is how the in-between week at a lot of different events are for us. It’s a strange sensation walking the streets that just a day before was bustling with so much life but in a soothing way. It’s a moment to unwind…. Kind-a. I hear something move behind me and I whirl around. My imagination has gotten the better of me again. Time to head toward the sound of cheerful voices.

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